Why do you care? If you are running Windows XP you are vulnerable to a staggering amount of exploits including rootkits, and buffer overflow attacks. Many malicious programs will use these exploits to get into your systems without your (or your anti-virus’s) knowledge. One of the best ways to prevent Malware is to use a sandboxing program to isolate your system. Sandboxie is one such program. Check out these excellent posts about Sandboxie:

What is Sandboxie, and remembering to use it:

Recommended settings:

Remember: be safe out there.


Firefox Add-on of the Week

“Safer and more productive browsing. See where links actually link to.”
“Why are all these pop-ups on my screen?” Perhaps its because you went to a malicious website. No? You’re always careful about where you go? What about those shortened links you see on Twitter, and else where. Things like and tinyURL? Where do those go? Wonder no longer with this handy add-on: Long URL Please.

As in real life, awareness is very important on the internet. Pay attention to where you are going, and hopefully you will avoid trouble. Its a dangerous world out there, and now its all connected. (Its also full of wonder and great, worthwhile things 🙂 )

Hello world!!

This is my first post on The intent of this blog is to share tips, tricks, news, and software that average home computer users will find helpful. My experience with computers dates back over 2 decades. Furthermore, I own and operate a local computer repair business: Nomad Computer Repair . Stay tuned for more interesting information.

Sandboxie: now for 64-bit systems

Sandboxie, an excellent sand boxing utility, is now available in 64-bit flavor. A sand box is a program that separates another running program from the rest of your system. I recommend Sandboxie to many of my clients (especially those running XP) as and added level of protection against Malware. For more details about Sandboxie check out this video review (in 3 parts).