This week in Malware

– recommended audiences: Home-user to Tech

I would like to have a weekly recap of Malware news on my blog. I think this would be useful to raise awareness a among home-users and maybe help inform a few fellow techs out there. This is my first edition. Feel free to give me your thoughts on this idea.

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You’re not invincible ;)

A pet peeve of mine is when someone says such and such platform never gets viruses. There are actually malicious programs targeted at all platforms. But you don’t need to take my word for it:

A malicious spyware application is circulating on the… Mac OS X platform, distributed by Mac applications and screen savers found on Websites.

Share of the Mac operating system is growing, and with it the number of malware threats targeting the platform.

There is this rumor going around that Linux is virus free.

And what of of all the smart phones out there. They just like computers, with their ability to run 3rd party software, why wouldn’t they be just as vulnerable.

…and we have a malicious iPhone worm that can steal data and even take control of the phone.,9136.html

…they discovered that malware was infecting Windows Mobile phones as well.

These are by no means isolated incidents either. Go ahead and Google it. So, don’t forget to practice safe computer techniques. Think before you click, stay away from shady parts of the internet, use a firewall, etc. You know the drill 😉