A short animated commercial for Snohomish Computer Repair

Just a little something I threw together with a free tool:



(yeah I know, you get what you pay for)

Snohomish Computer Repair


Creating stronger passwords… that you won’t forget.

Audience: Everyone
Take a read through the following article and its follow-up. I think it has some great points about user passwords. I have already been recommending pass-phrases as a good option for sometime now. One thing that I would like to add to this author’s thoughts is to make sure you use different passwords for every website, computer, phone, etc. This is to secure against key-loggers or a hacked database giving up your password. To help memorize these unique passwords you can combine a word or phrase that reminds you of the specific website, device, etc. with a core pass phrase. For instance:
Computer pass-phase: The-King-of-ROFL-rules-his-tech
Facebook pass-phrase: The-King-of-ROFL-rules-his-friends
Just try not to make it something easily guessed if one is discovered… maybe add a random number?



Let me know your thoughts on this.
For those of us who can’t remember many passwords try out a password generator and manager like Keepass. The best part is it is portable, so you can put it on a usb drive. My favorite trick is to put it in Dropbox, so I have access to it on all my devices. Did I mention both these are free?

Free Norton Anti-virus from Comcast

target audience: home users

Lately, I have had an increase in clients complaining about slow computers. Oddly enough, these most recent customers have all had one program in common. Sure there were some useless toolbars, and unnecessary start-up items, but the biggest culprit lately has been the Norton Security Suite that Comcast is offering its subscribers for free. Now before you go bashing a certain product’s name, or uninstalling your Anti-virus altogether, I’d like to remind you that running a quality anti-virus program is very important.

photo used under creative commons from: http://www.flickr.com/photos/baldiri/4343864282


It is, however, also very important to qualify the customer. What Comcast is offering is a full security suite (a group of many programs wrapped together) which can be a real burden on older computer systems. This is why you should contact your friendly, local, computer technician to get a solution that is right for you. (If that’s not an option check out Kaspersky AV (not the whole suite) and Super Anti-Spyware.

Want a second opinion? Read this blog:



This week in Malware

– recommended audiences: Home-user to Tech

I would like to have a weekly recap of Malware news on my blog. I think this would be useful to raise awareness a among home-users and maybe help inform a few fellow techs out there. This is my first edition. Feel free to give me your thoughts on this idea.

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