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Home Computing Tip-of-the-Month:

“How to Make the Most of Internet Radio”

Printing HomeUnderstanding Internet Radio

Internet radio stations (or web radio) are defined as real-time or archived broadcasts of public radio stations, which an individual can listen to and enjoy on their own time. However, there are other web radio programs such as iHeartRadio, ChoiceRadio and SHOUTcast that are intended to be directly used in correspondence with the Internet.

Installing a Player onto Your Computer

In order to listen to the radio online, you need to install or download a player, such as Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, and QuickTime. Windows Media Player provides immediate access to a number of radio “stations”. Some of these stations include genres such as Latin, Christian Hits, Jazz, Americana and Roots, or Rap & Hip Hop.

Cost of Internet Radio

Internet radio, for the most part, provides free music to users. The stations available through Windows Media Player are free, and in addition to Windows Media Player, Pandora offers free music as well, after you sign up and provide your e-mail address. Some companies offer premium services for music through payments and fees, which provide users with better quality music, exclusive content, and commercial-free listening.

Internet Radio on the Web

The web provides many Internet radio websites such as the following:

  • (also available as a free Smartphone App)

Pandora is unique in that it allows the user to tell the site what their favorite musician, composer or song is, register for free, and then Pandora develops a radio station, similar to a playlist, specifically tailored to the individual.

Additionally, individuals can access most of their favorite “traditional” radio stations through the Internet. Currently, major music stations provide websites where users can listen to music and a broadcast in real time, no matter what the user’s location is. Bing provides individuals with the ability to type in their station’s call sign(Example: 100.7), open the station’s website, and then click on a link that says Listen Live or Streaming, which allows the user to hear the station in real time. iHeartRadio is owned by Clear Channel and allows users to access their favorite Clear Channel radio stations from anywhere in the world on their computer and smartphone.

Business Computing Tip-of-the-Month:

“How to Make Your Office Computer Run Faster”

Laptop Battery PowerThe tools available in Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP Service Pack 3 help to make your computer faster, maintain your computer efficiency, and help safeguard your privacy when you’re online.

Removing Spyware to Protect Your Computer From Viruses

Spyware collects personal information from individuals without the user’s consent – the information often times includes websites visited, as well as usernames and passwords. With this confidential information, Spyware can potentially put individuals at risk of not only confidentiality violations, but also disrupting the computer’s performance.

In order to fight against Spyware, it is recommended that a PC safety scan from Windows Live One Care, which is a free scan service that assists in checking for and removing viruses. Additionally, downloading Microsoft Security Essentials or Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool can help protect your computer’s operation system from the following: viruses, spyware, adware, and other malware.

How to Free Up Disk Space

In order to free up space on your hard disk, it is suggested that you use the Disk Cleanup tool, which locates files that can be safely deleted and then allows you to decide which files you would like to delete.

Disk Cleanup Can be Used to Perform the Following Tasks:

  • Remove temporary Internet files.
  • Delete downloaded program files, such as Microsoft ActiveX controls and Java applets.
  • Empty the Recycle Bin.
  • Remove Windows temporary files, such as error reports.
  • Delete optional Windows components that you don’t use.
  • Delete installed programs that you no longer use.
  • Remove unused restore points and shadow copies from System Restore.

Our Clients Speak Out

As always Leif from Nomad Computer Repair provided prompt, excellent service when I needed it.

   Bruce. – Monroe, WA

My computer runs so much faster after Nomad Computer Repair worked on it. I’m really pleased with the service.

   MollyBothell, WA


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