nVidia class action lawsuit

Just want to give everyone a heads up on this, as I have seen many of these systems.

A while back a number of laptops, including HP and Dells, that used certain nVidia GPUs started failing. Blame was placed on the lead-free ball grid array used on the chips. After a long legal battle nVidia has begun a replacement/reimbursement program.

If you have a laptop that won’t display anything on the screen, or has a garbled image check out this website to see if your laptop is included: http://www.nvidiasettlement.com/affectedmodels.html

My personal experience with this problem is that manufacturers would only fix these laptops for a very high fee. Most  customers didn’t want to pay hundreds of dollars to fix a defect. Thus, they were stuck with a non-working laptop. So, if you have one of the affected models that is still broken, nVidia’s settlement provides you a chance to finally get some kind of compensation.

– Nomad


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