OpenDNS – part 1

What if you could stop malicious or unsavory websites before they even get to your computer? OpenDNS can do that for you.

What is OpenDNS? Let me start with what DNS is. DNS stands for Domain Name System. Put very basically it changes the website names we are used to typing in to IP addresses that computers understand, such as or …go ahead enter those numbers in your browser’s address bar. So OpenDNS is a specific DNS servers that can be used to filter out certain websites. It is also different than the DNS your Internet Service Provider would normally direct your computer to, so it is helpful in avoiding certain outages and landing pages for mistyped URLs.

I use OpenDNS as another layer of protection by filtering out known malicious websites. Furthermore, it helps keep kids (and adults) off pornographic websites. Here is a list of categories of sites you can filter out:

Choose what types of sites to filter out.

Web Content Filtering

OpenDNS is not only useful at home, it can be deployed at schools and businesses as well. The scope of this article will be focused on home use. The best part of using OpenDNS is that there is nothing to install. You simply tell your computer to use their name servers. Instructions for various Operating Systems here: But FIRST you must create an account so you can manage your filtering.

To create your free account head to and fill out the requested information.

Get a Free account.

Coming soon in Part II: Open DNS updater.


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