Firefox Add-on of the Week: Delicious Bookmarks

Delicious Bookmarks is an add-on that allows you to sync bookmarks across multiple computers via an account at the popular

Delicious not only allows you to access your Bookmarks from anywhere, it also allows you to tag them with Keywords so later on you can find them easily:

Tag bookmarks with keywords for easy searching. Sync Bookmarks / Favorites

Tag bookmarks with keywords for easy searching

The hideaway sidebar that is part of the add-on easily allows you to search bookmarks by keyword, or by website:

Easily search your bookmarks by keyword.

Delicious Bookmarks Sidebar

Delicious Bookmarks can automatically import bookmarks for Firefox to save you time. Furthermore, it allows you to share your Bookmarks with the Delicious Community if you so choose.  Be aware this is a one of the big pitfalls of Social Networking / Cloud Computing / Teh Interwebz, so if you’re concerned about privacy you may want to look elsewhere.

Get is here:


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