Didn’t you know you had personal info THERE.

Identity theft is rampant in this day and age. We all need to take steps to protect ourselves. Below is a list of some unusual places you might have left sensitive data… without even knowing is. But, first I would like to remind everyone that the leading causes of identity theft aren’t elaborate, high-tech, hacks; instead they are low tech. Stealing wallets, mail, or just plain dumpster diving can provide a wealth of information for crooks (source … consequently I think that identity theft insurance is a superior product to monitoring services, but that’s another story). So, now that you’re shredding your wallet and locking up your junk mail, lets see the list… wait errrr….

6 Pieces of Everyday Tech that Put Your Privacy at Risk as presented by Tested.com

1) Photocopiers: they scan to a  hard drive now >.<

2) Your video game console: The Xbox marketplace in particular, stores any credit card numbers that are used.

3) Unsecured Wi-fi: It is surprisingly easy to sniff data from these networks. Even worse it’s not too hard to trick people to connect to a phony hotspot!

4) Flash: deleted your cookies have you? What about the separate history that Flash keeps? If you navigate to C:\Users\<user name>\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\<random number>\  you’ll see a list of folders named after websites you’ve visited. A thief could use this to learn with whom you bank. Alternatively you can use this to make sure your boys/spouse/roommate is behaving on your interwebs. (thanks irongeek for the folder location).

5-6) Social networking sites: Duh! I say, however there seems to be a lot of uproar about Facebook and the like jeopardizing privacy. Here’s the bottom line: If you want to keep it private don’t put it on the web. Don’t rely on some little privacy checkbox to protect you. Simply don’t ever put it on the web! If its not there, ne’er-do-wells can’t get it. So keep your address, date of birth, and GPS location off your profile and out of your tweets. Wait, GPS location?!? Yeah you can geo-tag your tweets, and some apps actually store your location without you knowing.

Remember, be safe out there!


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